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Yes! I've been thinking the same thing for so long! I, too, coidnser myself a social media strategist but lately I've been cringing even saying that. The strategy is what is key to success and long-term ROI in social media, and it's where every business (and consultant) should start. I come from a business strategy background, and it was obvious to me that goals, followed by objectives and tactics were the way to structure a social media presence. Thanks for clarifying what a real goal is, and the real reason we should be focused on strategy. What's the next thing we'll be calling ourselves in this space? Personally, I've been thinking about going back to the good old term communications strategy. That seems to cover it.@askdebra

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All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income. (Samuel Butler, British writer)

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Your post on creating social media utilization advertisement basis is wonderful. I do agree with you regarding "Social media is un-targeted. It is very true, you can't make specific post on social media sites.

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Key to my position is that currently very little is known about the effectiveness of advertising using social media. There are a few success stories, but success stories always get a lot of attention and many of the people promoting these have a vested interest.


David, It is amazing how even amongst seasoned marketing experts social media is mistaken for just digital social media. Social media in its simplest sense is people talking to people. Companies like Tremor ( P&G’s WOM-word of mouth- unit and Bzzagent) have been doing WOM campaigns since 2003 well before FB made an appearance and SM became a buzzword, via a network of brand advocates. There have been over 1000+ campaigns some with well documented ROIs via 3rd party marketing mix modeling which prove the impact of community led marketing model which these companies use. The fact that Bzzagent got acquired 3 months back by Tesco plc -a sales focused retailer should tell us something about the effectiveness/ROI of a community led marketing model. Prof Walter Carl and Ed Keller of Keller Fay have done stellar work in measuring the impact of such community led WOM campaigns. In our campaigns in China we have conclusively proven REACH as well as IMPACT. Net, The evidence is water tight for the right kind of SM which delivers amplification as well advocacy. Of course, a focus on content led approach-viral videos- etc has low ROI, but that should be a tiny part of SM marketing in any case. It might be sexy and gets visibility in marketing press but in its basic construct is not repeatable campaign after campaign. On the other hand community marketing has a virtuous circle.

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