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  • Vision to Action
    Creating an inspiring brand vision, positioning and action plan, including Brand Purpose, Brand Revitalisation and Global Branding
  • Grow the Core
    Creating ideas to sell more of the core, including Turbo-charged Marketing Plans and Category Growth Visions
  • Brand Stretch
    Strategic innovation to create new products and services, including New Brand Devt, Brand Portfolio Strategy and Brand Architecture
  • brandgym partner network
    More about the opportunity to become a brandgym partner, and who we're looking for

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super real

That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.


Who cares? Nice. I guess we should all be happy to slmpiy surrrender small work while HP/ Logoworks affords a 13 year old in Dubai with a second copy of CS3 the ability to design, or copy a logo from a design annual, for small companies in America who can't afford to pay $1,000. Who cares? Right.


you need to watch the first 2 videos, click here for Part 1 The Sensed Experience and Part 2 The Customer Experience. I'd love to hear your ththougs on these! Share them below, and I'll be back to

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I truly love all of the tough effort you have devoted to keeping this website around.
I really hope this remains for a really long time.

Mara Roberts

Awesome read- just what I needed to inspire my personal growth and make that 'someday I'll have my own business' a little closer to home.

Tony Franco

Great advice David. I think the way you manage your own personal profile and the Brand Gym acts as a role model to us all. The only other 2 suggestions I have are:
1. Help others. Be generous with your time and your advice when people ask for it. People have long memories and it will stand you in good whenever you need support.
2. Start a blog. Even if few people read it, it encourages you observe, reflect and capture your own points of view on the world.

Joseph Rueter

You could also collect all the places you are online in one place. They you can share that one place with people. Why wait for google to find you? Why make other people wade through google results (yep, no, no, yep, no)?

Odds are people have more than just one profile around at different sites. If not make some and get content out there.

I use http://www.extendr.com for this. It's like my table of contents for the internet.

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