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At Vega (a brand communications school in South Africa) we have developed a pretty cool definition of a healthy brand. If a brand is 'a particular and unique construct that creates, communciates and sustains for all its stakeholders through its products and or services'..a healthy brand:

has a clear and differentiated identity

is an effective and engaging communicator

adds value to the majority of stakeholders, but never to the detriment of others

creates and implements the brand relevant points of contact with its stakeholders

is transparent and genuine - it delivers on its promise in all that it does

believes that sustainable profit is not the driver but the consequence of all of the above


I like the point about not speaking to the "hard times" to show that you share the pain. I think a lot of people are looking for escapism and little things to make themselves feel better. That's why brands like Rice Krispies do well in recessions. They're a luxury that you can afford for $0.75 extra. And people appreciate rewarding themselves with little things.

Plus, then, when the economy gets better, you haven't devalued your brand.

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