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bedroom furniture

great man :D


I like the Gifts for her Style essentials', pauirctlarly the underwear section with the matching bra & knickers. It would be lovely to actually get some of these IN THE RIGHT SIZE from ny husband and I think with all the Xms parties etc the underwear would help to make you feel special. Even if you don't have a new outfit, new underwear can make all the differecen


Mark, your daughter is a lucky litlte girl! My father taught me my first guitar chords when I was 10. Music is a great way to connect with kids I play with/for my 3-year-old niece every time I get the chance.Keep me posted on how it's going welcome to the guitar!Best wishes, Lisa

Rika's Home Gym News

This is a great idea. I have just read an article about how the market for no-name products has developed over the last few years. It is super if consumers are helped to make smarter money choices. This is something that is really needed right now.

David Taylor (brandgym)

NWGuy, Great idea to take it in-store as well. I think Sainsbury's have done something like this by having 2 shopping baskets at the entrance to the store, one brands, one own-label, and a sign with the price saving!

Tough times for brands eh?


They could extend this to an instore promotion. Send the barcode or text the product number to a short code and receive back an SMS with the alternatives.

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