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And for better or worse, the outcome of the global recession will be closer regulation of the world's economic and financial systems, for years to come.

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Nice share! The models are both sexy and have good photo rapport with one another. Thanks for sharing!


Love what you've done to the shop, hope that it stays the same and that you stay strong.


Unique setting for a big place like this. Hope I can visit it in the future when I have free time.


Nice! There isn't any place in town with this kind of concept. Hope they're open for business for a long time.


alright... youre right, it does work for some people but like you said the models just stand there to what? show off who wears abercrombie clothes? I dont know, I've just had a bad experience with the store but I'm sure some people are in love with it which is their position and thats fine. The thought of A&F just gets under my skin.

David Taylor (brandgym)

Know what you mean Sheparad... but it does seem to work, for a certain group of peopl. And based on my New York flagship store experience, this group is big?!

On the good side, they are brave enough to be different and deserve credit for that. Do you like it, no. And that's fine. They create a reaction.

The issue is, long-term, is it sustainable? The one bit which feels suspect is the lack of service. The staff look like models but don't do much else.


my personal experience at an A&F store recently made me realize how much I really do hate it. When I left the store I felt depressed because I had the hardest time finding clothes that fit me good along with the fact that all the workers are typical- skinny and pretty, I felt almost poor due to outrageous prices, and I had a horrible headache from the raging music. I was in the worst mood.It is somewhat comical to look at all of the store codes that a&f not necessarily break but take to extremes. One other thing I didnt realize was that this controversy is world wide, not just in the united states. I think that it is something that needs to be addressed.

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