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    Strategic innovation to create new products and services, including New Brand Devt, Brand Portfolio Strategy and Brand Architecture
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Vinegar. It has no chemicals, and it's CHEAP.I read that Clorox green prdcuots are nothing but a marketing gimmick. You have to watch out companies are cashing in on the popularity of green prdcuots. Do some research and you will find you can clean cheaply and greenly with the simplest prdcuots vinegar and baking soda are very popular.I read in National Geographic recently that clover was very common and wanted in lawns years ago, until a marketing campaign by a pesticides company convinced Americans that it was a weed. Years ago, my mother cleaned with vinegar what happened? A marketing campaign convinced her that chemicals could do it better. Now we're at a point where it's hard to imagine differently.But my floors have never been so clean as when my husband switched to vinegar.ETA I have used Seventh Generation dish liquid. Unlike other dish liquids, it doesn't contain petroleum. However, this is hard to get in my area (and I would use more petroleum trying to find it than I would save by using it!).

Yara Eid

Hello, if someone has a product that they would like to introduce to Lush, how can they contact a business developer?


A picture of the person who made the product is a fabulous way to sell their products! It creates a touchy scene and makes it personal to the buyer. A good way to sell indeed.

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