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The netherlands advert is a lot different to the UK. Funny how consumer behaviour changes a lot by country and thus how important insights are to ensure advertising is effective.



Who will you use these diapers on if you win.My best frnied/room mate is expecting her first baby really soon and she is ONLY using cloth diapers. Well I made it VERY clear that when I'm watching her I will ONLY be using Pampers. So to save me some money this will be a HUGE help!!


Oh and all your pictures, prsonsoifeal or mommy, are the highlight of my morning, well besides my coffee of course, every single day It's these pictures that keep me connected to the people I love and miss so much.


, I love your professional piutercs but I LOVE LOVE .LOVE ..the mommy piutercs. Watching your girls grow up day by day through your eyes is what makes MY heart happy. As much as I enjoy looking at the weddings, the engagements and the newborn babies, when I see Stella's smoosh face or Kyleigh's big beautiful smile, I'm not looking for professional I'm looking for mommy love .


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Mia @ Adult Trikes

Companies are starting to learn they can sell much more product with advertisements like this, as opposed to "sex sells" advertisements.

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David MacGregor

A belated happy birthday. I recently discovered your blog and find it useful. Can't really think of more flattering word than that.

I've added it to my blogroll so that I can share it with readers who visit ThoughtSpurs.

I have to say there must be a category of consumers who have graduated from the paraphernalia of infancy with a huge sigh of relief. I brought my son up alone after his mother's death and hoped I'd never see another diaper or wipe. But life has a funny way of offering lessons and surprises. My daughter is seven now and runs free of the nappies and wipes - but, curiously, second time round it was a breeze.

But I must confess, if I was was to win a baby product account - I'd hand it on to someone else. I've done my time - free at last ... free at last...;-)


Totally agree with your definition David.

I've always talked about an insight as being any information that unlocks an opportunity.

To identify an insight you need to be open to the potential opportunities ahead.

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