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A few days ago, I have visited parting Pub Crawl in London. This is a beautiful place in London.To get more information.visit :http://www.nutspubcrawl.co.uk

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Very beautiful and appealing logos you have posted here. I must appreciate the first one.

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I just find your website. I really like reading your articles! Great stuff. You have provided a lot of useful information to your readers.


I actually love the idea but als have my dotubs if it''s gonna work. Normally a logo is the way to get a fast connection with a certain brand. Not sure if that will work when you use more then one logo without some part of the logo that is easy to spot and stands out and doesn t change. But since there are not many companies like you I don t think your logo matters that much. I would have combined this concept with another simple symbol which stays the same I guess. But I love the idea, wonder how it will work out in the end. You don t have that much competition in this area so maybe it will work out just fine.


Great photos as alwyas Tom . it was nice catching up on you guys. I love the way you and Marcy rang in the New Year! My heart goes out to your mom and my thoughts are with her speedy recovery. Hope to see you guys soon =)


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Been wearing the retro fitetd for a while, and I'm glad the new logo is based off the retro'. It's got a nice feel to it, but I still like the lighter blue color in the retro.


Wow. Who knew there were so many drastic iditteny shifts last year? I have to say Aol is my fav. It really plays well with their new content model. I think it's going to work for them.


The new logo seems pretty obouvis. The NI' and AL' are trees, the M' thing is the hidden animals watching. There is a sense that the animals are expecting the viewer to do the honorable thing which I guess is to preserve habitat, respect the sanctity' of the jungle. Other, non-jungle habitats are present by implication, the immediate imagery is tropical jungle.The leading A' and plain-written PLANET' relate primitive (jungle) habitats to the modern world, implying the ability to coexist. I would have been happier if the stress had been more on interdependence of environments and less on making a showcase of the quaint' protected habitat.For fundraising, presenting the primitive habitat as a showcase of achievement (rather than careful nurturing and responsible husbandry) will probably pay off. This logo definitely comes across as a fund me' organization, rather than an I love the animals and habitats we protect' organization.I guess the new logo is OK. It makes more sense than when Kentucky Fried Chicken wanted to become KFC.


Phil,I had a look at the D&AD New Blood exhibit a while back and unforadtuadnately the Uni. of Hudadderadsadfield isn’t a memadber of the D&AD uniadveradsity netadwork. Have just sent an email to the higehr-ups telling them that we should be! Will see what comes ofa0that.As for the New Designaders exhibit, I didn’t know anyadthing about that and have just requested more information.So thanks for those links. They were mucho helpadful! If I can get anyadthing into the New Designaders thing at this late stage then conadsidaderading you’re only 30 minadutes from Lonaddon I expect you to be there! I love noseyading around in peoadples link backs!


Hola soy Graciela nacida en Chajared pero rnesdeite en Rosario desde hace 32 af1os ( cuando me case9) Estuve en el encuentro de Chajared FUE EMOCIONANTE! Me parece hermoso el logo del pueblo de nuestros antepasados . Es me1s significativo. Gracias por todo lo que hacen por conocer nuestras raices.


AmyB - Andrea! I think these are my favorite phoots you've ever posted! Especially the first night shot. LOVE it! You guys are SO talented. Don't worry, I've been spreading your name all throughout DC and Old Town!


- TOTALLY interested in some of the clasess that you plan to offer I am a photography enthused amateur whose technical knowledge is very limited I simply use my eye but am very interested in clasess NOT to mention the both of you come across extremely humble WITHOUT the bonafide professional attitude and I LOVE your spirits! Be in touch thanks!

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LOL... So funny concept behind it.. I like this superb post related to Olympics logo...


Hello I enjoyed yoiur article. I think you have some good ideas and everytime i learn something new i dont think it will ever stop always new info , Thanks for all of your hard work!.


7mae7L Wish I could come up with posts that cool.

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I Agree on the number of UK participated, we wait to hear from the rest of the world, at the end isn't this about the world sporting!

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