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i only got my first Iphone EVER last week, and it is the 3GS 32gb. honestly its the best phone ive had, i have alwyas been a blackberry user, i previously had a torch 9800 and sold that to get this. i must say it is SOOO GOOD! i definitely recommend it to anyone The iphone 4 is faster, but probably a second faster..so if your on a tight budget you can save yourself alot of money getting the 3GS and another good thing is that you can use your normal sim card in a 3GS


The iPhone 4 has a glass plate on the front screen as well as on the phone's back end, gvinig it it's shiny appearance. What I can tell you from experience is that the glass is most definitely stronger. I keep my iPhone 4 in a case (as should you), but I have dropped it on occasion with and without the case. I have yet to drop it on an extremely hard surface like a parking lot or hardwood floor, just mainly at work or at my apartment where it's carpeted. It has yet to even crack. I've had it about six months.It's a beautiful phone.


TypePad running on the iPhone. Now, if AT&T and Apple would just get it together to boot EDGE and give it 3G.

computer repair mcdonough

You can include photos which is good and consistent with the prior web application. It's a solid app, but like the iPhone generally, it has its shortcomings.


Laura Ries analysis is focused on a red herring. She believes the the iPhone is a phone (which it isn't), and that because it's a phone with an iPod and email and internet browsing capability, it's a convergent device. Since most convergent devices fail in the market, she feels the iPhone will fail.

Apart from the fallacy of cause and effect, she is also mistaken in calling the iPhone a convergent device. The software is so seamless and elegant that the functions are no longer separate. Is a TV the convergence of radio and pictures? If so, is it unsuccessful? Or, are the two features so thoroughly synthesized that you view a TV as a singular and distinct product?

I think the key is to avoid getting hung up on labels, and on false premises to conduct analysis, and just look at the thing for what it is. It will be highly disruptive in the market, moreso than the iPod. Steve's forecast of 10 million units is a minimum, not a target or a stretch goal. I would be very surprised if the iPhone doesn't exceed 20 million units by end of 2008.

See my analysis here:


it's a mobile phone with style but without good features for this price... we also pay for the name of apple. A mobile phone for 600€ with a 2 mpx cam is too expensive. I bought the nokia n95 for 460€ and it's very nice. i got a 2gb memory card and that's all i need. so the iphone got a very nice design, but thats not everything what a mobile phone needs. i think it is a good mobile phone but really too expensive.

Dennis Matthew Dewey

It's probably going to be a big success. The naysayers are focusing too much on the details.


I'd say "miss"... there are just too many other phones already doing this sort of stuff and many of them look just as sexy.

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