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the original post: Blog to Differ: 10 other brniandg blogs for humans | Beg to Differ Related Posts:Brand manager brings insights from social networking to his P&G jobBrand manager


Just read your back page from Organic Gardening, and I almost yeelld out loud, Yes! Instead of arguing about whether or not global warming is happening (among other things), how about we all yell, Isn't the real issue about who we are and what we do? Are we greedy pigs who are willing to make the world ugly and stinky for our trivial wants? Do we care about the health and safety of our children, our families, and the future viability of life , or are we just going to go on and on making the world (preferably someone else's patch of it) uglier and uglier?


Thanks for your thoughts Dave. As I'm reltaively new to your site, can you point me out to some links that talk about how you balance income and your travels? What is the root source of income to allow you to travel, and what are the other activities which help support your lifestyle.thnx!


I found this article very inersteting and accurate in many ways. It not only offered a new insight of what it means to unplugg, but it also conveyed a positive view of the Internet in our lives nowadays. I certainly feel that many times we become distracted by the Internet and start multitasking, opening different tabs which end up distracting us. I do this all the time and the author's advice of giving our full attention to one page by shutting down all those tabs or other devices seems like a good idea since we would still be connected, but in a better and more attentive way. I liked the article's smart and insightful approach of our society today. I feel like the author includes herself as part of this technologically saavy society and thus can convey the ideas we all have about the power of the Internet. It is true that many times the Internet overtakes our priorities and we become slaved to the need of always being connected. Moreover, the fact that social media has become such a big part of society is an example of how interactions and the buidling of relationships has changed so much. With this article's tips about still staying connected by giving the Internet space in the family life and by not being absorbed with the FOMO effect, is a good and realistic advice to adapting to technology in a positive way. All in all, I really liked this article. I feel that there is always something new to learn on the Internet and if we learn to make it part of our lives in a positive way, not seeing it as an enemy or a negative influence, but rather as a friend and tool to gain more knowledge; we can truly take advantage of everything it has to offer and grow as individuals with significant contributions to give to society.


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I really enjoyed this great post and you are very talented and interesting. I really appreciate this excellent post.


Manifesto should guide employees to create the direct experience that matches the brand vision.

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I saw the company chart being presented as a company perspective, without a tip of paradox and the marketing home was stunned that we were tired not getting with company joy.


Information about the book "Manifesto innovation brand. How to build a brand, the reorientation of markets and stereotypes: The days of large image-branding took place.


Death to branding.

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I find this a lot more inspiring and motivating than the official brand positioning tool. I encourage people to use provocative language, not politically correct corporate speak.

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Our students love the digital tools but don't necessarily know how to manipulate them or push them out of their social lives and into their school or work lives.

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How can people complain they lose a freedom, when a new law gives others more freedom? Like a law prohibiting?
outdoor smoking would give people who go outdoors the freedom to breath more fresh air and be healthier. Nonsmokers are the majority, so more people gain freedom than lose freedom.

eric brody

Agree with your point about the brand pyramids (or whatever firms call their formats) that are served up to clients and that are supposed to emotionally engage and inspire people inside and outside.

Think we forget that we're supposed to be engaging people. Not clients. Not consumers. But people. And the only way to really do this is to talk in simple, human terms.

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