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Auping Bedstore

I agree totally with you Sylvio. James Bond is not a real quality product, but their branding is fantastic!

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Das ist der richtige Blog für alle, die suchen ausverkauft zu diesem Thema muss. Sie erkennen eine Menge seine nahezu mühsam, mit Ihnen zu streiten (nicht, dass ich eigentlich müsste ... haha). Sie auf jeden Fall setzen einen neuen Spin zu einem Thema das ist ungefähr seit Jahren geschrieben. Nice stuff, einfach toll!

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Tiešām lieliska vieta! Es mīlu jūs palīdzēt rakstot.Laba lieta. No citiem cilvēkiem, salīdzinot ar to, ko es lasīt, jūsu stils ir tik unikāls.

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Wow ĉi-paĝaro estas vere mirinda al mi, mi estas impresita de ĉi loko.


I came away from the film thinking what an enduring Brand. It changes its image (new Bond actor), keeps the story fresh and appealing to the modern audience, while still having the confidence to reference its heritage and previous films, offering pretty much something for everyone.

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Illic es varius postes in esse propter hoc, ut opinor sumendi reference posset experimur fecit hanc maculam, aut articulus realiter informativus. Practica metam locutione hoc stipes pauper est qualitas. Simpliciter possum pronounce hoc quod info dummodo ibi eram unique, tantum ut realiter faceret illud magis propinquum completum, supportantes cum priorum informationes mos adepto fuisse actu bonum. Puncta estis tactam numerauimus in presenti sunt nimirum vitales, ita Dimitte me macula multis of notitia hic ad construendum actu grandis enim omnino Newbie suus 'hic. Gratias ago pro informationes huius. Actu occúrret!




Skyfall is a very good, if not great movie. It's extremely long (2hr 20mins) but Mendes' direction just about holds your attention. The Bond franchise clearly has a number of very strong brand characteristics which have survived (if not thrived) for over 50 years. Can they be stretched too far? Yes, possibly. I was surprised to see that it was the production company and P&G that were behind the creation of the 007 aftershave. The ads to promote this new perfume (albeit with a "manly" smell) clearly pick up on classic Bond branding, but DON'T use Daniel Craig, only a faceless tuxedoed silhouette. To me this screams "fake", "on the cheap" and does nothing to enhance, let alone reinforce the brand. The guardians of the franchise need to protect their precious asset, by maintaining authenticity as well as quality, if they want to see the Bond brand last another 5 let alone 50 years.


Very nice correlation between bond and branding. I never was a James Bond fan, and I've heard from some fans that Skyfall is not a good (and a trully 007) movie, but how to explain all this success? Brand I guess.

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