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Alexey Khvan

Dear David,

I would like to disagree with you. For me it seems that Apple is loosing "the sausage" and trying to play with "Sizzle".

Acoording to latest news:
1. There is a re-organization now in Apple and most key persons leaving company or bit by new CEO
2. Sales of Samsung Galaxy S3 are increasing after launch of Iphone 5 (most people explained that most of people were disapointed with Iphone5 and prefer to buy Samgung smartphones)
3. Google offered (29th of October) new products that are much better in terms of "sausage" with attractive prices. I can say that Google have made a big step in terms of understandig consumer preferences (as example new Android 4.2 with ability to have different accounts that saving personal data of each account)

Apple is great company, but it seems that after becoming a leader... relaxed... Looks similar situation as was several years ago with Nokia.

Best regards,

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