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Much bad news and risk has already been factored into international sharemarkets.


You should arrange for time off work so you can go to court.

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Blimey .. typewriters. That takes me back. I lanert to touch-type on one when I was at school, and it was nothing like the monstrosity that you had to deal with. But bloody hell, yeh it would be really interesting to see how kids cope with them today!


Interesting and amusing read.Brought it all flnioodg back: the hours spent in a sweaty darkroom tying to coax a little extra contrast out of my latest B&W image, being pleased with the result when seen under the red light and then turning the proper light on and being proper disappointed.And did manual typewriters really not have a number 1 key? I don't remember that!


You're welcome, we are coointunusly updating our blog and appreciate all the good comments! If you like what you read share it, if their is a topic you would like us to discuss tweet @e3creative


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