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You sound optimistic to me – the idea that for waeehvtr reason(s) this level of leadership in our community was willing to engage in a dialogue about compassion must be a good thing. As Americans (especially wealthy business leaders) our arrogance and lack of listening is surely a block to empathy, but I think our biggest block to compassion is greed. Getting is better than giving. Holding is better than letting go. It’s all about Ownership. Display of wealth and property increases my value as a human being. Those perspectives create a wall between “me” and “them”, not a bond of empathic action. I remember a couple of times working in Japan, where our basic problem solving approach was always with an assumed stance of efficiency, and being surprised that sometimes the underlying driver was about a system of collective good that had nothing at all to do with efficiency – what a surprise and revelation that was.Love the images, the hands, how he speaks with passion, compassion, through his hands..Dawn


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Jag var mycket glad över att upptäcka denna webbplats på bing.I ville säga tack till er när det gäller denna fantastiska inlägg! Jag surelyenjoyed varje liten bit av det och jag har du bokmärkt att ta en titt på nya saker du postar.

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They are difficult quoetisns indeed. Nowadays, social media brings an equal opportunity for everybody who wish to brand themselves and/or their products online. It is a challenge for anyone to blur the line between advertising and branding or as Annette said personal and professional . I recently joined some social networks and learnt quite a lots from the members. Mostly, people don't pay attention to advertising information but interesting notes, valuable information, or interesting debates. I also don't believe that people will read all comments/recommends on linkedin, Retaggr profile or other online profiles which I saw some people have many. People will know you base on how you communicate and contribute to the community that you joined. May be it isn't right with some other networks but that is what I've experienced so far. Personal branding do need a strategy. It's not only writing an attractive profile, having nice design and we can be standout. I think it is also a long process as well. Seth Godin is a great example. His daily notes have sometime over 1000 tweet and retweet directly from his blog. Imagine how many people reading his notes each day. The key is that he doesn't write about himself, sometime he writes a short note about his new books. I think he is very successful in branding himself and his books using social media.

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