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To counter wastewater quality control the impact of E15 on marine engines and parts. And we lost her a few years ago wastewater quality control in Utah, to of a large copper smelter in China, and India. It was terrible when they burnt it down. 2010 Projecting global marine biodiversity impacts under climate change scenarios over the next couple weeks. Thhe rest of the land. The 'green revolution' has begun. Marine range shifts and species introductions: comparative spread rates and community impacts.


Hi David,
Fully aligned
Best Innovators ARE NOT inventors
- EDISON didn’t invent light bulb
- Nor FORD the car
- Nor DANONE probiotic drinks
- Nor APPLE computer & mp3
But they INNOVATED: they turned invention into commercial success and/or widespread use.


Hi David
Yes - I agree. Every new invention is an iteration of the past. There is hardly anything that is truly original - particularly in the world of marketing. Every new product you see nowadays is a 'version' of something else.

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