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Someone who poses with a dead person and cnaitops it "what every Iraqi should look like" or "die haji die" is scum. Whether they got that way because of trauma, or brainwashing, or just because mommy didn't love them enough doesn't matter. Just because someone can be turned into a monster doesn't mean they're not a monster.


Well now, who was offended when the story broke?Unless you're Tom Tomorrow and start every chain of "reasoning" with "I hate the Republican party, trefehore...", I don't think there's any reason to expect that the complaint came from the DoD. If they wanted soldiers to stop sending stuff in to such sites, they'd have no qualms about pillorying a few guys as an example (cf. Charles Graner and Lynndie England).


No, to the Pentagon saying, "our siolders are animals, but we slapped a few of them" is not good news. Good news is "nobody talking about it at all."Look, if you want to go ahead and believe that this really is just a big coincidence, go right ahead. I'll try not to let that ruin my day.For the record, I think the siolders in question are scum, the site operator is scum, and people who use "obscenity" to justify supression of freedom of speech are scum. So it's just a scum-fest all around.


the investigation was ctnniouing and any pertinent information would be shared with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Division" ?I know a bit about constitutional law, and while this is not legal advice, I can tell you that obscenity charges are generally only brought up to harass people, because (a) they're very, very hard to prosecute within First Amendment limitations, and (b) the number of parties out there practicing obscenity without being charged is staggering. I think it's very clear that only people being charged are ones who earn the ire of law enforcement.


Taking you out of order....If I were Rumsfeld.... Well, that's a hard hypothetical to aewsnr. He gets to play in lots of spaces I have no access to and I am constrained to play in spaces mostly unimportant to someone in his position. I, speaking for myself, have seen photos etc. from WWII soldiers and so on. The internet is a new factor but the hectoring, by otherwise good soldiers, isn't. And things like the Stanford Prison Experiment predict this kind of thing. I suppose I'd add it to the short stack of things like Abu Ghraib and do two things: (1) I'd encourage the commander in chief to give a even it the meat of it is going to fly over most people's heads. (2) I'd ask for a report from the COs of the poster about what the fuck is going on.As for my frame (nice formulation, btw): part of my point in all this contrarianness is that there's a lot more by way of open sources out there than you realize. There's vastly more information out there, for anyone, than you see on the news, in the paper, or in most of the blogosphere. I don't want to just spew all my bookmarks at this site. Maybe, just to choose a pretty banal one... start with (although they haven't spoken about this incident specifically, unless I missed it). You can find a lot "two or three clicks" from there.-t


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For years I thought what was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa. (Charles E. Wilison American president of GM)

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