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Thanks for your comment. While a lot of cnapmoies might not have the budget or see the importance in a true mobile website, there are tricks that can optimize a website for mobile use. It will be interesting to see how cnapmoies start adapting their websites to QR barcodes and other mobile trends in 2011.


What a great concept, love the idea of not hinavg to clip coupons and then forget them on the kitchen counter. Thanks for sharing Kathy. Another great shopping App that you may not have heard of is Grocery IQ. Thinking it cost $1.99 but well worth it. Like my coupons, I used to forget my list all the time but I never forgot my phone. It organizes your list by aisles and allows you to make a favorites list for those items you always get. Then as you go through the story you check off the items and they disappear. LOVE IT! Now if only I had an App to help me remember to take may reusable bags in with me.


Great interview! I dieesvorcd your blog just this summer and WOW!!! Have I been missing out! I am in the process of reading all your older posts.I am a middle grade teacher and I have so many favorite authors that I promote! Some authors I like are Avi, Mary Downing Hahn, Andrew Clements, and Gordon Korman. I think these authors have books that endure because they have characters and problems that middle graders can relate to. Some traits and conflicts just never change over time and my students and I (I consider myself a middle grader at heart) can connect with the books.


Judy Blume was the author that came iieedmatmly to mind. I'm in charge of an elementary school library and her books are still checked out like crazy. I recently found the book Letters to Judy where she prints some of the many letters she has received from kids (and adults). The kids who wrote in felt like Judy could understand them when even their parents could not. I think it is because she understands what it's like to be a middle-grade kid and doesn't try to make light of their problems and concerns. Beverly Cleary is another author that is still widely read by kids. Sibling rivalry never goes out of date either.

Food Packaging

If I guess correct packvertising means packaging + advertising? I appreciate it that you share something so useful with the readers of this blog.


Very nice, I was wondering when this would hit the mainstream, after the idea of messing with Barcodes won the Titanium Lion in Cannes 2006 - http://adland.tv/content/cannes-titanium-badlander


Packvertising...is looooong overdue -- that term is still up in the air right? In addition to customizing barcodes - print advertisers can be doing a lot more with magazine ads (i.e. combining a full-page ad with a postcard you can mail to a friend)

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