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Right here is third webpage I've visited today that demonstrates the dame ideas. Ideas large amounts elsewhere include discounted.


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My recommendation to all dersinegs and creatives that read these articles about crowd sourcing is join some of these crowd sourcing sites and submit work... work that is bogus. These sites rely on crowds, so let give them a crowd. I'm sure there is already a lot of terrible work being submitted, but if these sites get flooded with work, and projects that are completely phony they won't be in business for long. I'm going to start today. It'll only take a few minutes a day. When Shopsanity was informed that the logo they chose was stolen, they posted that they don't condone IP theft, but that is exactly what they are doing with crowd sourcing. They say they got 400 submissions and intended to pay for one, therefore they are stealing 399 logo designs. They also try and blame the crowd sourcing site claiming there was insufficient policing. But that is the whole point of crowd sourcing. It's a free-for-all, with no review or process, or quality, or real communication or interaction.

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Any number of changes to the brief may occur even once the design is finished. But in Penfuin Press it is widely appreciated that the more a cover is 'tweaked' by a committee the less chanasdfce there is of retaining that original spark that we all know helps a book stand out in a world where thousands of books are vying for attention.

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It's important to take responsibilities, because no one else is going to do it for you.


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David, Good to see your post on crowdsourcing. I mentioned BOOTB another such site a year back in my blog in a post on outsourcing creativity. They recently had a global Dove deo brief for USD5000, and received 80 plus solutions. Another big player in this is ZOOPPA. Here is a link to a list of all the crowdsourcing sites.


Some agencies are now trying to catch-up and have started internal crowd-sourcing platforms to get to more ideas faster and cheaper. There is only 1 way this trend is going.

Belinda Ang

I think this is an ingenious idea and will give agencies a run for their money. Sometimes, creative agencies run out of idea and lose touch with what consumers really want.

This is a great idea does kill two birds with one stone. One is to get a breaking adverting campaign idea, the second is the initiative itself IS the advertisement. And the action of willingness to listen gives good vibes to the brand in the minds of consumers.

Nic Ray

Hi David,

Thanks for covering our exciting, soon-to-be launched brief for Unilever / Peperami. At Idea Bounty we are set on proving that anybody can have a great creative idea and that crowdsourcing creativity really does work (and is a whole lot cheaper than going the traditional route!).

If anybody is interested in finding out more about Idea Bounty or would like to get stuck into the crowdsourcing debate, drop me an email at nic@quirk.biz.


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