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thanks for taking the time to comment.
I have left the comments on each Facebook page (which I did edit), but have now at least added my own conclusions.

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You need a good reason NOT to have a Facebook page for your brand. After all, once you have paid someone to set it up, or done it yourself for free, the only cost is time to monitor it and update some of the content. But most of the content is user-generated.Yeah,i think so.

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If you allow people to become your fan, and you get a fan, does that fan have the ability to contact you from email?

David Taylor (brandgym)

Good challenge Jim, thanks for taking the time to comment.
I have left the comments on each Facebook page (which I did edit), but have now at least added my own conclusions.


what are your own thoughts on Facebook branding. When i land on your blog, i expect to see your own thoughts, not just excerpts from someone's analysis.

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