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I got this belt clip with my OtterBox Defender case for my iPhone 3GS. The belt clip DOES NOT HOLD THE PHONE SECURELY, so the belt clip is EXTREMELY prone to dropping the phone. In the six or eight mohnts I've had the Otter case / belt clip, I've dropped my phone due to my own clumsiness ONCE, but the phone has hit the deck because this lousy belt clip dropped it maybe 99 times, including once in the toilet! Because the Defender CASE is so amazingly effective, my iPhone lives unscathed, with nary a scratch, but (oh the irony) the OtterBox BELT CLIP is by far the single greatest threat that my iPhone faces. The BELT CLIP warrants NO STARS, zero, zip, nada, nil. The design of this belt clip is simply a failure. First of all, unless everything is absolutely perfect, the Defender case does not snap in to this belt clip. If any part of (sides or bottom) the Otter Defender silicone cover is not perfectly fit onto the case and properly closed up, or if any small bit of your clothing fabric gets into the mix, the phone will not lock as it goes in to the belt clip. Since THERE IS NO FEEDBACK as to whether it's locked in the only way you find out it's not locked in is when the phone falls on the ground or floor (or in the water). Even when it does snap in, it's not a very strong hold, so any very significant jolt or bump or movement or any halfway decent excuse and this worthless belt clip will drop your $5-6-7-800 worth of iPhone careening onto the concrete. Finally, the clamp that actually clips the holder onto your pants has a locked open setting. I have no idea what positive purpose of this design was intended for, but in practice, it tends to lock open when you do NOT want it open as you are bending and moving and so forth, so again, the whole thing is likely to drop off your waist and (again) hit the ground. I strongly recommend the Otter Defender case, but think people should know that the belt clip that comes with it works to the exact opposite direction of protection. I've had it with this belt clip, it's junk. I'm throwing it away and am going to look for one that actually that holds the phone.


In some airports they have lines drawn in the capert for people to stand behind. No one does this of course but still its an effort. I actually always stand back and as soon as I see my bag I just wiggle in.Why are you in an airport? You're not leaving Russia yet are you?

Mogul PR

The baggage belt signage is genius. It connects with the consumer at the perfect time to create a "brand experience." Nice post.

Free Movies Online

Thank you David for great post ! I always write very good. I am feeling glad while reaidng your post ! Keep it up !

rexona philippines

Everytime i go to go grocery, I always see rexona deodorant, I have seen costumers buying rexone that is why I ask my self that maybe this person have a body oder that is why they buy it. Thanks for the links.

Jason Zenteno


Thanks for the link back to my blogpost David. Pleased to learn that you visited it. Need to be more regular about posting now :))). Cheers. Asit

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