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before, but no you will not find among my esteemed pages. Testifying to the exiatordanrry discussion that blogs are always niewartosciowym Internet junk, on which there is no reliable knowledge, or objectivity. Im not talking now in regards to a specific address here, but all is discussing blogs in the form of handbooks, diaries, and information services there is always a lot of unreliable knowledge and unverified information, which translates into my long-standing aversion to these sites. However, its unwillingness to revise its humility, yesterday I searched the web resources in the search for specific knowledge. A bit of the case visited several blogs, because although subject matter often appears inside the network, but this subject rather superficially presented. Kidy found this blog, I was more than surprised. As it turns out the issue presented here is very extensive. No doubt that when it comes to content is the better service available today in the Polish network. Not only that even scientific, popular, and service breaks aren't able to match this portal. To date not succeeded, and also contact mcdougal of all the major publications. But I am hoping it succeeds it will email my email and failed to disappoint me, being a faithful reader for the future and will continually grow your blog. Because they sites are thin on a lawn in the Polish Internet. Why did I write this all? All through my character, I don't like making mistakes, however , if is to admit them. Such is the situation here. Of course, one swallow does not make (they say), but on such basis as this Im ready to admit that kind of web pages can be very valuable, kind and most importantly interesting.


Interesting stuff, I myself do shop in Primark because the stuff is cheap and I don't have a lot in the way of money, but I totally disagree with sweatshops, however, we have to ask ourselves, if we were that bothered we would not still continue to use the shops which put kids in such bad conditions.

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I do a lot of shopping in places like Primark and whilt the stuff is pretty cheap, it has to be said that nobody should agree with sweatshops and little kids working for nothing.

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Join the Anti Nike Campaign... say no to Sweatshops!



Inspiring stuff, David. When I was in UK, I always found JL & WAITROSE shopping experience and assortment quite differentiated and on brand (eg they were the first ones amongst the major multiples to list ECOVER). I wonder what part has OCADO played in holding up the Waitrose business. My guess is it has played an important role in maintaining loyalty. Cheers.

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