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What becomes more and more interesting to me: brands that ignore the balance between 'omnipresence' and 'consumer irritation'. In the end, brands are there for consumers and based on the different propositions, consumers decide. But in order to shout as much as possible how fantastic their proposition is, brands tend to 'overshout' themselves. Examples: global restistance against McDonalds/Starbucks/GAP in every city around the world, Dutch consumers protesting versus too dominant Albert Heijn private label, Coca Cola vending machines in beautifull Venice at every streetcorner leading to big protest in Italy etc etc. Also: I know UK drugstores have removed L'Oreal point of sale during last 9 months as UK consumers complained these supermodels do not understand their budget restrictions and they did not want to be confronted with a worrieless Claudia Schiffer when searching for the cheapest available body lotion.
It seems that the difficulty to get the message across to the consumer leads to the assumption that every opportunity should be taken to seduce the consumer - without respecting consumers, which in the end will work counterproductive for these brands.

Florida ME


Good luck with the book - two thoughts...

First the insights chapter is going to be a key - I have been participating a couple of discussions on Linkedin on the topic that make it clear their is a good deal of confusion around what exactly is an insight. I am a bit of old school and think that they are rare and harder to find than some seem to feel.

Second, some discussion of the whole shopper marketing thing is probably a good idea - brands have to navigate through the various hurdles that gatekeepers create and this presents real challenges if one is trying to build a relevant and differentiated brand for consumers at times. This might also lead to a discussion on store brands and the challenges they present in crafting a brand strategy.

Which probably leads to a third point - some thoughts on what is a brand strategy - science, art, craft and why...

Again - good luck and keep us posted - you are a must read several times a week - and often daily.

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