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Rightly or wrongly from Rudd's point of view it is all about being able to say in 12 monhts time Aust did not go into a technical recession. If he and Swan can say we didn't get 2 quarters of negative growth whilst the USA was absolutely walloped he will claim this is evidence of excellent economic management. So he has to manage expectations to keep aggegate demand at some base level that doesn't allow 2 negative quarters. The worst recessions last 5 quarters. I think the US is in for a 5 quarter recession. Europe bar Iceland should get out of it with a two quarter recession I'd say, ie start switching back to positive in 3rd qtr. Japan may well do a 5 qtr but it seems unable to do much better than anemic gorwth anyway. Indeed Western contintental old Europe by Anglosphere standards is little better but I think it will return to these levels by Xmas 2009.So I'd say certainly by this time next year we'll be talking about how we dodged the bullet and most of the world is trending back up bar maybe USA, Iceland, Japan and a few others.If the one grand/person etc giveaways get the retail figures up for Xmas that gives him the circuit breaker on the negative news cycle. He could easily do it 2 or 3 times in the course of next year to get us through and budget should have a reasonable chance of being in balance 2010 and surplus again 2011 in ime for his next election. That's his game plan and whilst I'll never vote for him I wish him luck with it.Where I find the media and the politics as a whole frustrating is if you make the assumption some pump priming for 12 monhts to avoid a recession until confidence is restored is a good idea why do we have to get into this situation where if it turns out treasury predictions are wrong and we do need to go into deficit temporarily that is a scandal?I also agree with Andrew broadly its a superb opportunity for investment provided your timeframe is certianly 1 year plus and I'd argue 5 years to get the real lollapalooza results. Whether banks are the pick of the bunch I don't know but people WILL look back on this in say 3 years time and say why oh why didn't I load up on quality blue chips. Forget worrying about catching falling knives, you'll never guess the exact bottom.


I like tarte's concealer in the tube. It brnehtgis my undereye area and doesn't settle in fine lines when patted in well. BE Bisque is terrific for blemish coverage and blemishes. I use BE foundation or Laura Geller's Balance & Brighten, then post conceal.


Any revenue the gonevrment collects from nationalized entities still comes from you.For instance if you take a ride on a gonevrment railroad, who is going to pay for the trip? The fuel, the food, the iron in the tracks, the wood in the ties .. the maid the cooks, the pillows?Who pays for that?One way or another, the gonevrment class has to be fed, and the only place that the money comes from is the private sector.~.


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Here is an great post about the consumer insight!

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