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Your right it's a huge red flag! I can't believe he is anksig you to lie. If he Truly loved you he would not want you to lie cause it wouldn't matter what his parents thought of you cause he would love you even more. You can't go around lying about how you are and your faith. It will only bite you in the ass later.This guy seems to have some family issues. One being he is scared to stand up to his parents for whatever reason. You need to be who you are. you can't change who you are for anyone. It's not moral for one.My suggestion would be to be who you are. I would be honest and forth coming. Forget the twitter page. Let him find that on his own it's not your place to tell him. I would think long and hard if you really want to be married to a man that wants you to lie for him to keep the peace. What will he want you to lie about next for him? This is NOT a fmaily that you want to marry into. I sure as heck would not. Life is too short to be lying all the time. People who lie get caught in there lies then only more bad things can result in that. I would tell your boyfriend that you will not be lying to his parents that it si against your nature and you are not comfprtable with it. He can either support you on this which if he loved you 100% he would agree with you or he can sulk about it like a baby. I would honestly move on before you get trapped in this guyd web of lies. It makes you question what else he has lied to you or his parents about. is this someone that can be trusted? Is this someone that you want to spend a lifetime with? someone that wants you to lie about your beliefs?

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Yah i agree this is a very nice post,i love chocolate so much. :)


asit gupta

Great post David. This applies even more to emerging markets espl China where currently this is a insatiable desire to launch dwarves and shy away from focusing on the core and big extensions built on a big brand idea. I noticed the same earlier in Russia. It takes a brave Marketing Director to stick his neck out and say we will not join the extension/NPD rat race. Let us get our brand and research team to focus on some big category insights, which we can use in our communication. I posted on balance between NPD and Insightful communication a few weeks back.Link below
Regards. Asit

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