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francois de riviere

Great example with Jordan.
Increasing usage is especially critical when you are the category, or have managed to kill any form of serious competition. The brand routine becomes your own personal enemy.
Dettol has a staggering 90+% market share in Malaysia. More than a household name, it is synonimous to germ protection.
As it often happens to this class of brands,Dettol is a very segmenting brand with a flock of fans and a good number of detractors.
Instead of trying to convert detractors ( who hate the brand because it makes your house smell like a hospital-this is by the way what fans love about Dettol)we went for increased usage together with our client Reckitt Benckiser.
The insight we got from Fgs was users were incredibly creative in their usages of the product and that extra usages were very personal. There was a multiplicity of usages instead of having two or three major ones.
We created an integrated campaign starting with TV and press to call Malaysians to tell us "What does your Dettol do for you?"
Consumers were asked to post their suggestions on line. The best ones were described in a following TVC and on Dettol's website.
Dettol antiseptic liquid grewby 10% over the first half of 2009.

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