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First, thanks for going boyned the press release or headline and giving this piece some relevant context with info from Ben & Jerry's annual report. Second, my two cents: Ben & Jerry's is doing exactly what we all should be doing. That is, voicing our personal moral convictions in a reasonable, responsible way even if it means disagreeing with the umbrella corporation, or one's government. Isn't that how we in these united states are supposed to implement change? I don't expect everyone who works for banking behemoths to up and quit their jobs; that would be stupid. I certainly hope employees on Wall Street (and everywhere) raise their voices and do their best to ensure their employers are behaving morally, responsibly, and yes, profitably. Duh. Capitalism works, but greed is still a sin. Capitalism doesn't require oppression, lying or stealing to work, either. Let's show the world how it's supposed to look!

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David Taylor (brandgym)

Thanks to the eagle eyed Tania (and Andy) who spotted the error in the original version of this post, and for bothering to let me know!
- Paul Polman is indeed CEO of Unilever, not P&G

Tania Gonzalez

Paul Polman is Unilever's CEO, not P&G's


Completely agree with you David. I was at Barclaycard between 2000-2003, when Matt Barrett was the Barclays CEO. He instigated the communications platform to The City et al. of 'doubling economic value every 4 years'.

Even basic maths tells you that doubling anything in 4 years means a CONSTANT growth rate of nearly 20%. Which turned us all into craven slaves to the short-term spike, and was part of the environment that led Barclaycard to introduce risk-based / sub-prime lending to new customers and buying up portfolios of customers. And the rest, as they say, is history...

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