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I used to use a nebuliser with my son about that age and at first he hated it, but they do get used to it after a while. I used to let him hold the mask hliesmf, and while he stuffed it up sometimes in the early days it made him feel like he was a little more in control of things if he could hold the mask over his face hliesmf. After a few months, he was fantastic never had an argument. If he was told it was time for his medicine , he responded immediately and sat calmly for it.


Speaking as an adult, and an outdoor lover, and a reivllaety experienced camper I think I can give you pretty good advice. Trouble is I will sound like such an old fart saying it. Follow directions.Take what is on the list, no more no less.Be positive if the weather gets icky.Going to the bathroom in the woods isn't as easy as using a toilet but it isn't hard, and it isn't nasty.Keep your feet and your hands clean.Tell your group leader if you get any cuts scrapes or hot spots (beginnings of blisters) or actual blisters and keep them clean.Drink plenty of water and eat the food that is prepared for you. Don't play in the fire.Wear a hat and sunscreen.

David Taylor (brandgym)

Thanks for your feedback William. It is a lot of work to keep the posts coming, so its nice to hear that it is appreciated!


William Chen

Your blog brings us so many up-to-date 'real' cases and the way of thinking about branding .I love to read. Thanks a lot.


Vicks chewing gum- I agree sounds pretty grim.

My guess is they went through some brand extension thinking on Vicks- "what could we do with this/how far can we go?" stuff and came up with the gum.

then they worked out that they were unlikely to beat the incumbents on "normal" gum values so have confronted the medicinal thing head on, not trying to hide.

i guess the interesting thing will be how big their ambitions are, how much they want to exploit existing channel strength (pharamcies etc) and what the margins are....

for sure this will not be a blind punt, but lots of thought and planning- just curious to see how much internal self convincing vs real opportunity this is....


hi David
hope you're doing well. was thinking that you should create a Facebook page to maximize exposure of your blog.

David Taylor (brandgym)

Thanks for joining the conversation. And for adding "On this one" when you say I'm off the mark ;-)

And you get me on my latest soapbox: thinking business model, not brand equity. You are right about what Vicks stands for. And in theory they could stretch it into gum. Consumers in focus groups might even like it.

BUT, can they build a sustainably profitable business model, going up against the might of Wrigley?

Well, the first "Hit or Miss" candidate for 2009 is in. And it has 1 vote each so far!

David MacGregor

On this one I think you are off the mark. Vicks' brand refers to alleviating symptoms of cough and cold - relief.

Their brand position is strong in efficacy. Contemporary consumers are used to brand stretch and, in this case, my money is on success.

(And, as you say, P&G are possibly the most effective risk managers in the world of brands.)

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