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I love Tropicana juices, but especially those of Strawberry & Banana are my favorites! I recommend you should try them!


Wow can't believe you spotted a change of branding on a box of juice. It really must be your life, no way I would have spotted something like that.


As per a previous comment, smoothies are not so big here in France as in the UK (although this is changing) so I suspect the design needs to work on a more basic level by communicating what the product is.

Also, I'm not sure that Tropicana is seen as such a premium/quality brand here (this according to the people I used to work with ...so not a huge sample)... The smoothies and some other better-for-you variants may be changing that.

However, even if these two points were not issues, getting the French marketing department to accept a British design probably would be.

David Taylor (brandgym)

Fair point as well Anton.

The French pack with the blending idea I suppose is a bit clearer on explaining what a smoothie is, vs. UK one more about a better smoothie through naturalness, flavour combos?

David Taylor (brandgym)

Fair challenge Tony. And perhaps this where they got to... but in that case, key is to be completely local. Let the best ideas go to market, and forget any sort of European co-ordination. Go Local 100%.


A key reason why the packaging may be different is the markets' are at different stages of maturity. Everyone knows what a smoothie is in the UK, not so on the Contintent. So the Trop packs need to work harder to explain the concept.

Tony Franco

Am unconvinced that combining forces and budgets from different markets will result in a bigger, better idea. Its hard enough coming up with a big idea in the first place, never mind getting the French, British, Italians, etc to agree that it is a big idea. Particularly difficult in food and drink where local culture is so strong.

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