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I love this track, but the first corner has turend into a mud bath. I walk around it to save my drive train. I'd love to see a bit of drainage put it. What does everyone else think? Is this up to the council or if this is up the club is there a track day?

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International laws require anything bearing the label "Scotch" to be distilled in Scotland and matured for a minimum of three years and one day in oak casks, among other, more specific criteria. If Scotch whisky is from more than one cask, and if it includes an age statement on the bottle, it must reflect the age of the youngest whisky in the blend.

Tracey Forbes

Thanks a 'log'?? No excuse for typos, so let's pretend that it's a new phrase that all the kids are using.....

Thanks a lot for your work! :)

Tracey Forbes

Hey - great site! Thanks a log for your work!

Just a little comment/brainstorming about this ad... I don't think that this one works - the emotion of the actual ad is so strong, that the concluding brand shot becomes irrelevant to me... seems too much of an obvious piggy-back attempt by Johnnie Walker, and no real correlation between the two. Doesn't infer any of Baggio's qualities onto the brand for me.

Oh well! Great entertainment value, though! I think Johnnie Walker could increase the effectiveness of these ads by inserting a small logomark in the bottom right corner for the duration of the ad...? The logo is elegant enough to be there without looking tacky, and might reinforce association?

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