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  • Vision to Action
    Creating an inspiring brand vision, positioning and action plan, including Brand Purpose, Brand Revitalisation and Global Branding
  • Grow the Core
    Creating ideas to sell more of the core, including Turbo-charged Marketing Plans and Category Growth Visions
  • Brand Stretch
    Strategic innovation to create new products and services, including New Brand Devt, Brand Portfolio Strategy and Brand Architecture
  • brandgym partner network
    More about the opportunity to become a brandgym partner, and who we're looking for

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Emily Gill

Interesting . . .perhaps this will bring the best of both world's together? P&G being the sausage and Unilever the sizzle. Yes, I am reading ur book, given to me by a university professor who's grooming me to the ways of social marketing. As part of that, am considering trying to gain work experience with a big company. Was considering Unilver thanks to ur website . . .but, perhaps this won't be as good an option in 1-2 years??

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