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oh come on rusty! im just giving you shit. i think it will be betetr then under g&h. i do think in general most of the people including the writers have not one clue when it comes to money and i do believe this article is basically playing with the liverscum fans who fear debt. when every single one of them including all of us have house debt, credit card debt, car loan etc etc. so i think debt is a irrational fear and its a easy target to say why liverscum have failed. the group screams its the yanks fault and the debt! from what i read these guys obviously come with good credentials with their red sox background and what they have done with them. so in that sense its a good thing for liverscum. also the ability to put this saga behind them is another good thing and to try n start afresh. but to say we have no debt and we will overnight become some lala land arsenal self sustaining hippy farm from the 60 s california is a lil far fetched in my mind. so yes i agree it could be a good thing and perfectly understand why you are so happy with the possibilities. but i do know if i was happy with something united you will be the first in line to throw cold water all over my smile just cause im a united supporter and you a liverscum. that is why i think the video above is so poignant. the evil sith lord is mocking the liverscum supporter! get it ..rusty runs into the dark room and wants to tell some news n the evil united supporter mocks him by shutting the door everytime he opens his mouth!!! lol. cheers rusty! good luck to you just not your stupid hated fucking football team! may they rot in hell!

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