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ali anani

I fully concur with this post. Emotions drive actions. I published a presentation on slideshare "Bubbling Ideas", which is in conformity with this post as evidenced by four similar experiences. If interested, the link is


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The numbers speak for themselves, so obviously it was a good move for Innocent, but I still dont quite understand their reasoning behind this.

Personally I liked the innocent brand and was keen to buy into it but I much preferred the Juicy Water to the Smoothies. There are lots of 'posh water/juice drinks' to choose from and now Innocent have dropped Juicy Water I am less inclined to buy them. I now dont buy any Innocent products. Not a deliberate decision, just a natural move away from the brand.

But their reasoning dosent add up - 'nothing but nothing but fruit' is their slogan and I once heard Dan Germain from Innocent blame this for the drop of Juicy Water - 'because it has water in it and this isnt fruit!' BUT, what about their 'Thickies' The ingredients of which are fruitless! (one is Yoghurt, vanilla and honey!)

I cant see why it couldnt have just been a nice sub-brand, its a very very similar product. Its not like they were making cars as a side project, it was still juice!

I just dont get it...

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