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Omar .. Its not that hard to order it online i bveelie!!also put in mind that US store is going to release it without contract in November .. i think its going to be unlocked []omarker Reply:November 1st, 2011 at 3:26 pmWell i Got mine ,, but good advice for people Who wanna have it ,, thanks =D[]


When it comes to Apple it's an interesting question of where you draw the line between sizzle and sausage... For an Apple fan, is style a more important bit of the sausage than, say, technical specification...

Apple's launch strategy works for them but I wonder how many other brands could get away with it without it appearing to be more cynical marketing than artform...

David Taylor (brandgym)

Fergus, Thanks for joining the conversation. But, as Mr McEnroe would have been saying at this time of year, "You cannot be serious!?"

iPhone mk1 all sizzle? No way. Its already a life-changing device, as some of the stats quoted show. You have 80%+ of iPhone users browsing regularly, vs. <10% on average for O2... the ease of use was already a step-change.

I think time will show the iPhone has been a masterstroke of marketing launching... start by pricing high to get revenue and profit, from the real fans (like me)...use them to spread the word.. then, start to broaden... then drop the price and bring in the next wave.


As an alternative POV.. perhaps the phone they've just announced should have been the phone they launched in the first place. With phones, maybe more so than with MP3 player, it's less easy to cover over technical shortfalls with style/design. Arguably, the initial phone was close to being more about sizzle than sausage.

David Taylor (brandgym)

Good point Simon. If you go for the hype, you better be able to deliver.

The great thing about Apple is that the hype is not really generated by them, but by fans and Apple-watchers. And they tend to write/talk about stuff features and design elements that are "baked in" to the product, so more likely to be delivered.

But you're right. If you want to follow the Jobs/Apple approach, you better be damn sure the sausage is perfect!


Though the danger with having such a good project launch is that expectations can overwhelm. What is still a very good "sausage" may be looked at with disappointment due to what it could have been through the pre-launch hype.

It seems like a difficult balancing act, but Apple have largely managed it thus far.

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