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  • Vision to Action
    Creating an inspiring brand vision, positioning and action plan, including Brand Purpose, Brand Revitalisation and Global Branding
  • Grow the Core
    Creating ideas to sell more of the core, including Turbo-charged Marketing Plans and Category Growth Visions
  • Brand Stretch
    Strategic innovation to create new products and services, including New Brand Devt, Brand Portfolio Strategy and Brand Architecture
  • brandgym partner network
    More about the opportunity to become a brandgym partner, and who we're looking for

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online scheduling software

Online scheduling is one of the simplest, and most popular, pieces of technology used by forward-thinking business...

Management software

Online scheduling has become a preferred method for keeping business schedules and appointments organized. Many different kinds of businesses have discovered the benefits of using online scheduling software. From in-home pet groomers to expensive medical centers, businesses large and small are using online software more and more.


Properly designed innvitcee and loyalty programs tap into keen human nature to get something for nothing. But unlike a discount or cash back offer, loyalty programs also add the element of recognition. It seems petty perhaps, but consumer crave the need for the shop owner to recognize acknowledge the effort the customer have done in spending money in your store, hotel, airline.This yet is not enough to make a good successful program, it also requires that you:1- Offer a value system (points most generally), that can translate into tangible and financially valuable goods. A free buffet dinner for the poor person who just lost $500 on slot machines. Should the conversion of points to $ be hard and the program will fail.2- Accessible tiers: Each step in the loyalty program ladder have to have a reachable path. Should the perceived path be too great, your customers will not even try to get on the first step of your loyalty program ladder.3- Soft recognition: Using a first name in an email, having dedicated services to the smallest of members, no matter how small will go a very long way in influencing and retaining customers in the program. It will avoid the Yes but he is rich and important reaction. This reaction happens when people perceive that recognition is only give to those with money and notoriety and not the standard joe such as himself.When the three conditions are met and the programs retains customers it will allow you to:A- Significantly improve your CRM customer information.B- Target specific offers to very specific customer = improving conversion on your marketing activitiesC- Develop word of mouth and viral components to your marketing, allowing acquisition of new customers for free, (well almost)D- Increase average sales value of carts / transactionsE- Easily up sell productsF- Increase conversion if your personalization methods are effectiveG- Help tip the scale, in the acquisition of new customersH- Increase spontaneous purchases.


That's very interesting, Angie. A poll of 4,000 fans sulhod give a decent representation of their spending habits and if, on average, they spend over $70 more on the brands they've liked , this certainly does show the influence that social media is having.This will continue to grow, as people believe their friends' and peers' opinions much more than corporate advertising slogans that try to encourage them to spend on their brand.

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