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Andy Taylor

I couldn't agree more. The BBC have now upgraded their platform to include High Definition content including stunning Wildlife programmes.

Although it's hard to get firm statistics versus the competition, once recent article showed that the BBC have streamed around 7 Petabytes of data. That's around the same as one million PC's downloading their entire hard-drives during one month! So this is definitely growing market.

The 7-day limit sometimes extends to 30-days and this is down to UK Copyright law & the BBC Trust. Curiously, however, Channel 4 once again are stretching their talents in give audience what they want: they make some of their content available for much longer, sometimes upto one year. And you can record things for personal use http://www.recordiplayer.com if you really want to although quality is not the same as what is sent over from the broadcasters.

This market is developing and growing: just look at what's happened to Blockbuster. They're in catch-up mode versus Netflix (similar to Kodak not catching on the digital camera market). The battle for content will become even more interesting once commercial agreements on copyright can be reached. For example, the BBC could launch an international version to allow overseas viewers see iPlayer. After all, their World Service has a fine international reputation. I wonder if they can ever crack this one though....

Simon K

The iPlayer version 2 is a great product. It is great that it has taken off, though perhaps only because of the "sizzle" of the constant plugging on TV/radio is now there to accompany the "sausage"

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