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I was thrilled when I leanerd about the GF cake at Starbucks. At last I had a snack to eat with my iced tea. Not only was this little orange cake free of gluten, it has no soy or milk either I also can't have these. It was perfect. Not only that, it tasted great.Living GF is all about being prepared, but there are times when you're out shopping and are caught up short. That's when dropping by Starbucks is a god-send. And there are times when you want to meet friends for coffee. Where better to go than Starbucks. It's been tough to sit and watch while the friends gobble down pumpkin loaf or scones, and the Valencia Orange Cake promised a great solution. But I barely got to try one before they disappeared from the bakery case.I hope you will reconsider your decision and bring them back. Thank you.


I will tell ya I have been in and out of church meianng I attended regularly, actively participated and my life was good, less stress, life just seemed to flow smoother than those times in my life that I was not plugged into a church.However this is the first time that we Eileen and I together as a couple are plugged into a small group and it is soooo good, we have grown so much our faith has gone through the roof, In these uncertain times we are living in today with the economy, the wars and unstable governed countries around the globe and on and on, we are concerned but we don't worry due to the fact we know that God is in control.It has only been through the teachings of our small group, that for the very first time in our marriage of 23 years that we now pray together as a couple, do a daily devotion time together as a couple, folks I only tell ya that because if your not doing that, you are missing out big time! You need to get plugged into a small group, I am telling you it will change your life!

David Taylor (brandgym)

Thanks for joining the conversation.

I love your idea of the "rock star CEO"!

You may well be right its too little, too late. But then the same could have been said of Steve Jobs re-joining the almost bankrupt Apple back in the 1990's, couldn't it.

I think its down to how deep he gets involved. Is it superficial window-dressing? Or is it real change.

I hope the latter is true as I bought a load of stock... up to now, the share-price is more in your camp!

Mike Myatt

As much as I concur with your thoughts about the power of a branded CEO, even the return of the rock-star like Brand of Shultz (too little too late) can't turn the Titanic around. The Starbucks business model has been off the mark for too long to rely on an 11th hour Hail Mary...

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