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Thanks for the shout out in your article.I would stnogrly suggest you rethink the entire process of the book. I ONLY buy books because of the content they provide. What I mean by that is I don't want to buy a book that is an MSDN re-write or intro book.Look at most ASP.NET or Silverlight books. They go something like:Chapter 1 What is Silverlight?Chapter 2 Silverlight architectureChapter 3 XAMLChapter 4 Data binding By chapter 11 I have learned NOTHING new.This is why I wrote my book the way I did I tried to skip all the fluff and go straight for the meat. This will make your book more succesful because you will attract a higher class audience and not just average developers. It is really hard to provide great content people will pay for my book is up on 10 illegal book sites (that I have counted) and there is little I can do. Average developers or people that will only want a high level interest in your book will NOT pay for the book.In summary treat your book NOT likea high school report (where you go to the library and regurgitate knowledge from other people), but treat it like a PhD or Master's Thesis where its 75% or more ORIGINAL ideas and ORIGINAL content.


go into libary order it..you could go to wasteetonrs bookshop which should b in your town centre..go ask jeeves he will 100% find it..my advice to make free money whichi belive u can get. look around yourself motivate urself have confidence and a slight level of arrogance then you watch how money comes 2 u..kp in touch..AzReferences :


Hello! I'm a start up writer and journalist by qualification. And it is a great pleasure for me to see other people show their interest in writing too. It's easy to write your first, second and third book quickly, if you know how. I hope the tips you've provided will be of much help to me and other beginners.

Jake McKee

I've been collecting notes, of sorts, for years for my first biz book. I'd love to see your proposal!!


Hi David,

This sounds very useful. I'm surprised that you don't have more comments.

I've only authored a 80 page technical study guide but I found the work enjoyable and educational.

Tony Franco

Hi David. Really good advice. Would love to write a book. I'll give you a call to talk about it.

NW Guy

Having enough focus, and knowledge, to create a good business book seems extremely daunting. The prize may not really be in the result but in putting the goal out there and taking the journey.

Please pass along the pitch; and if you want me to outline something on one of your ideas send that along too.

Thanks for the challenge.

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