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To declare my position I'm a devoted Microsoft fan and, by trade, an IT professional. Personally I think the adverts are patronizing..but then again that is the Apple experience. Ironically despite Microsoft's constant battle with the "monopoly" word they actually create IT infastructures that are "open". The opposite of what Apple do with their world.

As for Apple sales, I've had comment from an Apple member of staff that sales of new PC's are dramtically up. However this comment was prior to the ad campaign and was attributed to the iPod effect - which again ironically is a great ignorant reason to buy in my opinion.

Lastly if Apple OS is so great why let Mac's run Windows XP...huh?

David Taylor (brandgym)

I still would like to know what the business results are...does anyone know? I must admit that the Mac ads got me to watch the Peep Show...so I didn't have the characters in my mind when I saw the ads.


I have to say that as a Mac user I find that these ads make me feel dreadful, not "existing Mac users feel good" in any way at all. It could well be for me that the characters that they are used are so associated in my mind with their Peep Shows charcters in which Jez (Mac) is a twat and Mark (PC) is a prat, both dreadful comedic characters.
Most Mac users I have spoken to about the campaign don't like it, but then I guess that they are already hooked and the target audience are the PC users.
Interesting aside, they all run online as they were banned from TV
Have a look at some of the comments whenI posted about this same issue


David Taylor (brandgym)

Asi, Interesting comment...is the smugness you refer to may be part of being a "Mac" person, rather than a PC person. After all, as less than 5% of people use a Mac, you are part of a little club...and these ads do 2 things. One, they make existing Mac users feel good, or smug. And they entice new users to, as my Mac-mad mate said to me, "come into the light, away from the dark side"!

What I'd like to know is, do they work? How are Mac sales doing as a result? And what the hell do Microsoft think about PCs and Vista being slagged off?!


Personally I cannot disagree with you more. I find it way too smug.

At the same time, the best thing about this campaign is indeed it's simpleness that (consciously or not?) begs for UGC spoofs and there are dozens of them on YouTube, some of them are way better than the originals.


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