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Ola, tudo bem?gosto muito do site porem, sempre qundao entro nesta pagina, o avast alerta : uma ameae7a foi detectada .gostaria que vissem o que esta ocorrendo na pagina.Mesmo assim, o site continua otimo parabens pelo trabalho, e continue postando PS: gostaria de ver os episodios do seriado que passava na tv Witchblade passava cedo domingo eu acho Obrigado ^^

David Taylor (from Where'sTheSausage)

Start of a great coversation, eh...and one that will run and run I guess?!

I must admit that my figures are back-of-the-fag-packet estimates... but the point about quoting total brand sales, not just the money given to charity is sound. You do wonder why the Red people have not quoted these total sales figures as well, as it makes a much better story. After all, innocent smoothies and the like have less sales than this, and give about the same to charity, but get great press!

Jon Howard (Living Brands)

Very much like where you're coming from.

In the absence of the facts, I was remaining agnostic. Although I must say I felt the arguments of the nay sayers came across as rather smug, and definitely on the look out for failure.

I thought Grant's arguments about cynicism were probably right though, and I'm sure it's had a negative impact for many, whether directly or indirectly.

But your numbers do make a compelling case for an alternative point of view

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