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Rob Mortimer

Hi David, sorry I didnt notice you had replied!

Here are a few posts/discussions on the Sisomo talk from my blog:


One quote on a few of the early speakers (including Kevin Roberts) was that they were being visionaries, but with little idea on the process application in the real world.

People saw the talk as shiny and polished, but maybe not that accurate for the real world.

Fergus (emailed to David)

First off, let's be fair, Lovemarks isn't entirely in the "forget the
product" camp, it seems more in the "somebody else go sort out the product
while we go do the sexy stuff" camp, but product is at least mentioned.
To give the idea a chance, I did a (30 second) personal audit of all the
products I consume. The only brand that fitted the "inspires loyalty
beyond reason" test for me is Marmite. Does it fit the other attributes of
Lovemark?... "owned by the people who love them?" - let them try changing
it and see what happens!, would I protest if it was no longer there? -
absolutely, is it infused with mystery? - mmm not really, sensuality? -
Marmite! I don't think so... intimacy? - be serious!. Therefore, on an
unrepresentative sample of one (similar bases to the "nomination" of
Lovemarks) Lovemarks doesn't seem to add a great deal to the understanding
of building great brands.

The ultra slick Lovemarks website pretty much sums it up for me, very
flashy wrapper, very little product substance.

David Taylor (from Where'sTheSausage)

Rob, Hi, thanks for popping in. Please can you say some more about what the criticism was about the Siomo talk?

Rob Mortimer

His Sisomo talk was at the Future Marketing Summit recently, and he got quite a bit of criticism.

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