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David Taylor (brandgym)

The "would you wear the brand t-shirt" is interesting...this is a good test for what you call "lifestyle" brands where badging is relevant. But for other brands, that are more innner-directed, not sure it is. I'm a big fan of Hellman's mayo, but wouldn't wear a t-shirt. Ditto for my bank (IF) and Amazon...

chris taylor

re: Ride first, Work Later

Brand Essence? Brand Mantra? Brand Slogan on a t-shirt?

Call it what you will. The real key is finding "insight" about your brand which is deep and powerful enough to translate into meaningful, relevant and enduring benefit.

On this measure- the list of brands mentioned by Oliver leaves me cold. What does Starbucks mean to me? Jaguar? Levis? Lifestyle maybe -but relevant,meaningful and enduring to mine? I dont think so.

In fact the bigger test is not whether you can put the slogan on the t-shirt- rather- would you want to wear the t-shirt once its on?!

Starbucks t-shirt? I dont think so.

David Taylor (from Wheresthesausage)

Rebecca, The other thing that works really well with service brands is doing a brand manifesto...I posted on this earlier this year in another excerpt from the Brand Vision book:

I used this with T-Mobile, and at the moment with a big insurance company. Please do share what works and not!

David Taylor (from Wheresthesausage)

Angus, Absolutely...do whatever works, who cares if its not by the textbook. If you have something as good as "The Ultimate Driving Machine", why bother dreaming up a brand essence that's different!?


I am currently developing a service brand with a not yet defined way of explaining the service - its complicated to explain.

I am going to go away and present this way of thinking about it to the team, it may help inspire some ideas! Thanks.

Angus Whines

The whole 'but it's the tagline!' debate kills me, nice to hear a relaxed view on it.

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