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  • Vision to Action
    Creating an inspiring brand vision, positioning and action plan, including Brand Purpose, Brand Revitalisation and Global Branding
  • Grow the Core
    Creating ideas to sell more of the core, including Turbo-charged Marketing Plans and Category Growth Visions
  • Brand Stretch
    Strategic innovation to create new products and services, including New Brand Devt, Brand Portfolio Strategy and Brand Architecture
  • brandgym partner network
    More about the opportunity to become a brandgym partner, and who we're looking for

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I would love to have the opportunity to help. hughweber[at]hotmail[dot]com


Hi David
Your busy boulangerie post made me get off the pot & work out how to add a comment.
And if you still want another pair of eyes on the book I'd be happy to help.
Sounds like an interesting twist on the airport business book...and I'm always looking for short-haul entertainment!

David Taylor (from Wheresthesausage)


No probloem, you're not too late! Thanks for offering to help.



if you still need an eye, i'd be happy to read. sorry about the late reply. my rss reader has been a bit wonky the past few days. i just saw the post now.

Alan Bergstrom


happy to help if you still need an extra eye. Cheers, Alan

David Taylor (from Wheresthesausage)

You bugger, Ian. The idea is to make the bloody thing better, and create a bit of buzz, to sell more copies, not less! ;-)


Hi David - happy to partake - hell it'll save me buying it!

Bonny Cruse

Would love to receive a 'pre-copy' and will happily give you my penny's worth! Quickly too.


Would love to read the book - am always looking for new ideas and thinking.


I love the idea. Studying and working in branding myself I get frustrated that the 'wider audience' just thinks of branding as a pretty logo. I also get frustrated about the 'Sizzle' brands. I would like to read it too.



David, I'd be more than happy to both read and give feedback on your manuscript


David; happy to volunteer- always looking for more ideas, and anything that takes a less serious tone is very welcome!


Rob Chapman

I'm up for it - in fact your timing is perfect as I'm off on a skiing holiday Friday and was wondering what book to take with me! It's also perfect from the perspective of getting tips on making the Training Camp brand work harder for us.

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