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Always inspirational and always beautiful to look at.


Good to see real expretsie on display. Your contribution is most welcome.

Rick Sanchez

I just got up the nerve to post comments on my wife's blog. Of course she can really write. The only comment I'd like to make is a thanks for posting some memorable, informative and entertaining information.


You're dead right, I love Method. Posted on it here:


Here's a nice new example of sausage + sizzle - Method Brand. What do you think?



Hi! I'm from Argentina. This is the first time I visit the site. I'm not going to comment on anything but simply say that as I'm a business English teacher I find your site quite interesting and useful for my classes.

Graeme Murray

What do you make of the newly unveiled 2012 Olympics logo?

David Taylor (from Where'sTheSausage)

Amelia, Thanks for coming into the pub and joining the conversation!

I have read Ben and Jackie's stuff on the 1% rule...and if its 1% then the amount of comments is about right...c.200-300 people reading, x 1% = 2-3 people commenting...10% would be 20-30 people.

From what I see on other blogs that get this level of comments, they have much bigger readership...so I think the commenting rule is perhaps closer to the 1%.

Also, big learning this month is that the commenting count jumps big time when you have a truly open post that invites people in ...such as the vote on the book cover I did.


You've probably heard about the 1% Rule - in which for every 100 people online, 1 person will create new content, 10 people will engage with content (ie add a Post/Comment) and 89 will simply passively engage without adding. Do you think those stats work for you?

David Taylor (from Wheresthesausage)

Rob's comment about "stealing attention from ths post" is another really interesting one...it does reinforce my concerns about the posts up to now being a bit too perfect and "closed". Its like painting a picture that is perfectly finished, when really it should be part completed and allow people to add to it, re-draw parts, and so on.

Isn't a good example Wikipedia? The first entry is put up, but then other people add, correct, complete. Its collaborative.

And as for feeling like your grabbing attention, you feel like that because everyone is watching everyone else and waiting to join in...no-one will go on the empty dance-floor for fear of attracting attention...but when a few people start dancing, everyone piles on.

So come on Rob, get bopping!


That is the first 'fascinating comment' I think I have made. Wooo!
I guess that I have to post now. I feel a little cheeky, the way I dont post but was one of the first to jump in at the chance of reading a book draft! *blushes*

I will try to make another 'fascinating comment' sometime in the future!


I guess one of my reasons for not commenting is, simply put, fear of seeming sycophantish. I've always considered myself one of "life's great watchers". and tried to blend in wherever i go/whatever i do. By commenting, it feels like i'm trying to say "hey, look at me! i'm here, too!", or like i'm trying to steal attention from the post. I'm sure it's just a phobia, but it's my phobia, darnit, and i like it.

but since you've invited, i'll try to be more vocal...

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