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i hated this movie. it was not good at all.


definitely a great James Bond movie, casino royale, as well as one of my favorite Las Vegas casino locations accross from The Mirage.

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you cannot get as good as the old bond movies. this is good movie but cannot match.

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this movie is so awesome. I just loved it.


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I'm sorry but I disagree to what you have just explained.

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I'm sorry but I disagree to what you have just explained.

jon stewart

For a branding website i am amazed at how many people missed this.. Maybe i am the only one who thought it would be a good idea.

Why was the movie Launched in Oct/Novemeber 2006.. IF this is truly the rebranding of Bond why could they not wait a mere two or three months for the once in a life time opportunity to premiere and launch the movie at midnight December 31 2006.. Please tell me you get where i am going.. Thats right make 2007 (007) the year of the bond.. I cannot believe that they did not go for that. The entire year could have been remembered for the rebranding of this icon, as opposed the flash in the pan this movie will become in time.

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