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I strongly agree on that. It has a high possibility.

Franz Perrigo

Great analysis! The Bond movie franchise has certainly been a powerhouse throughout the decades. And I think this can all be because they aren't trying to do things over-the-top. Most people don't like too much change; and it's a great thing that the Bond franchise has done the changes over the past decades very gradually. This gave their audience enough time to acclimate. The end result: a new and innovated Bond movie, but still retains the soul of the classics.

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And the role of women has changed, with Bond girls now wanting to be on top (in more ways than one....), even if Halle Berry did wear the same orange bikini as Britt Ekland in that sequence.

I don't recall Britt Ekland wearing an orange bikini in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN.

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