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Hey TLC,Thanks for checking back with my blog. I don't know why you are haivng trouble seeing it. No one else has problems with it. Very Strange!! When I look at mine...it is exactly like yours (With the exceptions of your new colors!) I, unlike you, am Not married to a computer nerd...so I have no one to help me with colors and designs. I would LOVE to have a more unique website design.:o( About all I know how to do is type and post pictures. ha ha. I'll try to mess around with it though and see what I can figure out. Hope you have a great day!


“I’d love to write a review for the movie:The Princess and The Frog”My opoinin on this movie its very dark, My daughter is 6 and had nightmares believe it or not. Its has more adult humor than being child friendly.. It talks about voodoo and spells.. Yes its a PRINCESS movie but in my opoinin its aiming for an older crowd!


I would like to write a review for: Hannah Montanah. After 5 day in a Uhaul mivnog from Texas to Washington, you would have thought that my then 8 year old would have gotten sick of it (she is limited on episodes on DVD) but we still faithfully watch Hannah and she is really upset that it is ending. But it does teach morals and life lessons to the older babies in our homes.


I would love to write a review on Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel . Yes, it is tollaty cheesy and the acting is very bad, but it is wildly entertaining for my 3 year old and myself (not so much my husband he just endures). The music is ever so catchy and for some reason these chipmunks hold a special place in my heart much like their toon counterparts of olde: the California raisins and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


depends on where you live. you start @ around $10 uallsuy and at the tops end like $18. when i got let go i was making 16.29. i was working there for 2+yrs and for best almost 10. also they dont hire often so it will be much easier if you know someone there that can tell you whether or not they are hiring cause the do it very little.


Nothing wrong with beeing a geek but then that's just me. Sometimes you get banedrd with a certain clique that is not who you really are, just because you happen to be smart, shy, and scrawny So, I think the most important thing you can do in the summer is to get to know yourself better. Who are you really? Don't think about what other people say or who you feel are cool in school. Figure out what you truly want to do, what music you truly love to listen to regardless of what the cool people are listening to, what you like wearing, what you want to be when you grow up, etc. etc. Then when you are confident in who you are, then you can find cool clothes, shoes, sunglasses, wrist watch, necklace, backpack, etc. that matches your style and not just a mimic of everybody else. Brand name or clothing style is not really what makes somebody cool , it is the way the guy wears the clothes that is the secret ingredient and that's attitude/self-confidence. Of course it matters that the clothes you wear compliment your skin-tone, eye-color, body-shape. But, a lot of times, that's instinctive. When you wear something and look at yourself in the mirror and feel icky, then chances are, it is not a pleasing combination.About the muscles that has nothing to do with being cool . You should exercise/workout to be healthy. And you'll need muscles for strength not to look cool . What people will see is the health emanating from you which is perceived as youth and longevity . You know, like those skinny girls out there, they think being skinny is cool but then they go to extremes and then they just look sickly like Lindsey Lohan at one time And one more tip (from a girl who was the most popular girl in school) what people really dig is not how you look but how you make others feel when they're around you. If you look drop dead gorgeous but you make everybody feel like dirt when they're around you, then they'll just find something to hate about you.Good Luck!

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I love this idea of a brand story with different "episodes", rather than something linear and predictable.

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There are many people who offer you their personal experiences and you simply choose to ignore them, and in fact are so rude that you do not even respond to a discussion thread created by your very self.

You should listen to what the chemistry professor says about chemistry, not the librarian.

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Bad excuses are worse than none.

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This story was so real that these "characters" gave me great insight and a lot to ponder.

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Advertising is a tax for company not to be creative and stay away from innovation.
No message if no product to support it, no brand value if no value in the company product/ service.

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“Here’s to being remarkable. Not in the great new award winning ad. Not in the emotional spin. But in having a drop dead, fantastically designed product that does all the talking.”

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But talking at his annual shareholders meeting, Bezos announced: “Advertising is the price you pay for having an unremarkable product or service.” He may have been saying this with his tongue fairly heavily lodged in his cheek but it is still a revealing statement about the way he chooses to run Amazon.

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