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I have been Pret's customer and they are better than most but definetely not world class in service as they cliam to be. It is always easy when you are a smaller chain and it only gets difficult when you grow in to a bigger chain and publically listed as McDonalds. The only easy cost to cut in today's world is labor cost and that comes with a cost which is customer service.
Easy to say but the fact is very simple, you pay peanuts you get only monkeys. Pret is not very far from it, thier food are expensive but still they pay a QSR wage - not classy, over selling!

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I won't accept such sort of family though it is quite comfortable. I prefer the family with mom which is not rich but ample in my heart

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And good point, in that viral does have a simple definition about pass-along that seems to nonetheless confuse people (primarily because some are looking to make it the next "brand-building," perhaps a useful term but one that people want to write all their failures off as successes by putting them under that category).

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Hey, Thanks for all those wonderful suggestion. I think we really have to work on it. If we follow it partially even then we can improve a lot.


Thanks for the article it is informative.Hope so i will get the further updates in future.



the post is wonderfull... but why don't you ask how is it possible?
I'm running out from the pret a manger... In my country that is called mobbing...
It is not possible working so... you are cutting with knife and doing aldo other thing dangerous whith someone at your back telling you faster faster...
the day before yesterday i cut my finger;
yesterday i was cutting slower, after 10 minutes, the woman told me that 10 minutes were to much time for cutting...
I'm new... and continuosly they repeat me to do faster becouse the other are better then me... they calculate your productivity.. it's an ossesion...
That's mobbing mobbing... In my country it is not permitted.. And thinking it's a english word... it's funny.

David Taylor (from Where'sTheSausage)

As Kevin, Karen and Derrick point out, its doing the basics really, really well that can make the difference. These things are easy to say, and seem obvious... but they are much harder to put into practice.

Derrick Daye

Only make promises you can keep. Why is this so revolutionary to some?

moreau sophie

great advices

Karen Harrison

A great reminder that the 'basics' are fundamental.

John Ashmore

Very interesting feature

Kevin Keohane

Really astute observations. So many companies start to believe their own rhetoric while forgetting the basics.

olivier blanchard

Fantastic post.

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